The Association of Black Estate Planning Professionals, Inc

Empowering Futures, Preserving Legacies: ABEPP, Where Excellence Meets Equity.


The Association of Black Estate Planning Professionals, Inc


5335 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Suite 440
Washington District of Columbia 20015
United States


202) 617-2542

ABEPP is an organization that empowers and unites Black professionals in the field of estate planning. ABEPP is a vibrant community of estate planning experts who are committed to excellence, diversity and inclusivity. They come together to promote professional growth, advance knowledge and advocate for fair representation in the field.

As a trailblazing association, ABEPP aims to elevate the presence and influence of Black estate planning professionals in the legal, financial, and advisory sectors. The association fosters a collaborative, learning and innovative environment through a wide range of resources, educational programs and networking opportunities.

ABEPP's members encompass a diverse array of talent, including attorneys, financial planners, trust officers, accountants, and wealth management advisors. By harnessing the collective expertise and experiences of these professionals, the association strives to enhance the quality of estate planning services and drive positive change in the industry.

ABEPP is dedicated to providing estate planning information to underserved populations. This is one of its core values. Understanding the crucial role estate planning plays in securing generations' wealth and preserving legacy, the association actively engages outreach initiatives to provide vital support and information to those who have historically faced barriers.

ABEPP's robust mentorship and development programs empower emerging Black professionals in the estate planning industry to create meaningful careers and become future leaders. ABEPP fosters a culture of mentorship, support, and guidance to help cultivate a diverse group of voices that will shape future estate planning.

Furthermore, ABEPP organizes an array of events, conferences, and workshops throughout the year, providing members with ample opportunities to connect, learn, and collaborate with peers, industry experts, and thought leaders. These events not only facilitate professional growth but also foster a sense of camaraderie and unity among the association's members.

ABEPP partners with other organizations to create positive change. By partnering with other organizations and stakeholders who share the same values, the association can increase its impact and advance its mission to promote equality and inclusion within the industry.

ABEPP (The Association of Black Estate Planning Professionals) is a dynamic, transformative force in the estate planning industry. The association provides a platform for Black professionals who want to collaborate, advance their careers and thrive. This will lead to a more equitable and inclusive future for the estate-planning profession and communities it serves.


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