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It is written that at the beginning of creation there were two manifestations, Light and Sound. As we awaken and realize that everything is energy, we begin to seek out what we are seeking: greater healing, expanded consciousness, vibrations, and a fully embodied Light. It is Heaven on Earth. It is a place in which we are fully tuned into and connected to the power of true nature. This is the original Self that we were before all of our stories, emotions, and realities.

The term "biofield" refers to the electromagnetic field that surrounds and emits energy from our body. Anything electrical puts out a magnetic field. We are electrical beings, which means we are composed of Light and Sound - the two first manifestations of the Universe. We have a biofield or bubble around us. This is well-known and has been scientifically measured. Even the Earth has its own plasmic biofield which protects us all from radiation and energetic atmospheric fluctuations. (HeartMath does great research on this!) This bubble or plasmic "field" around our bodies, holds our memories -- charged experiences such as traumas and other life events which cause us to shatter and literally lose a piece of ourself or in Shamanic medicine it is referred to losing a piece of the soul. Luckily, these lost pieces stay floating around us in chronological order - like rings on a tree. The tuning forks can "feel" the lost pieces and reorganize them into a coherent fuel and resource. They then guide them back to the body where they are integrated and made whole.

Tuning forks work therapeutically according to the physics principles of resonance and entrainment. Tuning forks first resonate with any distortion or dysfunction in the body's field and then produce a stronger, coherent frequency. This entrains the body to a more coherent expression.

The tuning forks produce overtones and subtones that interact, like sonar with these acoustic emanations of the body. The tuning forks are able to locate areas of "noise" in the signal. These pockets of noise are held like nodes or eddies in the standing waves contained within the biofield and may relate to experiences of physical, mental or emotional stress from any point in our lifetimes.

When the noise is located in the field, the precise application of sound from the tuning forks can cause the body to self-regulate out of the noise and into a more harmonious expression - your most original Self.


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